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Essential Compositions at 2018 World Perfumery Congress



During the first week of June, Essential Compositions SL atended the World Perfumery Congress, which this time, took place in Nice (France).

It is one of the most important perfumery’s congress in the world. Where experts from the perfumery sector meet and exchange ideas, experiences and new developments in order to improve the quality and the products of this sector.


During the three-days event, there has been an excellent training, with a full calendar of conferences. From market trends to new ingredients. This year as a novelty, a series of exclusively conferences were given to perfumers with the aim of sharing knowledge and continue the training of the perfumer.

In these conferences, they talked, among other topics, about how to make a long lasting perfume and therefore to project its personality.

When we create a composition we take into account factors such as the impact that it generates on the subject, its tenacity or dissemination. The trace that a perfume leaves behind, is intimately linked with the movement of the person who carries it. In addition, when creating a perfume, we must bear in mind that the skin of each subject is different and factors such as: skin moisture, temperature, amount of hair or fat, as well as the gender of the subject must be taken into account. For all these reasons, each perfume smells differently in different people.

The way in which we perceive an scent is related to the diffusion of the molecules that makes up the essence. As reported in the WPC, studies have been carried out in this issue and significant differences have been observed in the diffusion of the molecules in the essence and applied to the skin. Therefore, to study the diffusivity of a molecule, we must take into account more factors, apart from the molecular weight, to classify the raw materials as top, heart and base notes.

In addition to a variety of technical information, the different conferences discussed the evolution of perfumery in recent years and how to deal with the changes that our sector is suffering.


Consumers, increasingly younger and more informed, demand safer products, respectful with the environment and the society. The Biosustainability was a frequented theme during the congress and the big brand’s raw materials concentrate their efforts on creating molecules and compositions that meets the customers’ requirements. For it, we have the help of entities that are in charge of regulating the ingredients, such as IFRA. Which assess the safety of raw materials in the market and decide if they are suitable, restricted or prohibited for consumption. All this, to ensure that customers receive the safest and highest quality on their products.