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We begin a new year that internationalization is part of our daily vocabulary. Few would doubt whether to go outside the borders to invest and export Hoy; rather the uncertainty generated in how and when to do it and where, a decision that is often meditated for too long, letting the advantages that it provides no longer be both, so the wait should be extended to create new products that give us the desired security in our endeavor. 

Latin America has become the main platform for the first steps of Spanish-speaking businesses and particularly SMEs, first lusas. In this space acquire the experience and strength necessary to address more complex markets, cultures, customs and languages. Most countries in the Latin American community of nations offer interesting opportunities to address. They are already aware that to be attractive in the eyes of those who observe us from the outside must have stable institutions, a strong economy and above all provide legal certainty to those who favor doing business with them. 

The movement from one place to another are becoming more expeditious and, based on what lies ahead, it is advisable to be taking positions before it's too late. Indeed, the British aerospace company Reaction Engines is working for several years to convert the Skylon plane, with 300 passengers, the first commercial aircraft capable of covering distances anywhere in the world in record time, reaching places more away in a maximum of four hours, reaching hypersonic mach or 5-speed; the first tests would be scheduled for 2019. 

Internationalize requires some preparation, even at markets where our language is spoken. It is essential to know the company, where it comes from, what it is dedicated, if you use new technologies, if any innovation on what is already used them to where they are going. 

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