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Essential Compositions equips his laboratory with new elements of analysis.


Essential Compositions equips his laboratory with new elements of analysis.

 What is sensory analysis?

Sensory analysis is the evaluation of the organoleptic properties of a product. That is, it is the analysis of the attributes that are perceived by the senses. When evaluating different samples or products through sensory analysis, we are describing, comparing and establishing preference among themselves.

Sensory analysis is an indispensable tool in the perfume industry, in personal hygiene and cleaning products, as well as in other fields, such as food.

Of the five sensory perceptions, fragrance communication is the most complicated one with a very high degree of subjectivity. Inspite of high subjectivity an average healthy nose, can detect about 4000 different odors, while sensitive trained noses can smell more than 10,000 odors in a lifetime. Thanks to the six to ten million receptor cells present in the olfactory membrane of the human nose, directly linked to the brain.

The consumer needs are very complex. Food clothing and shelter are necessities that are indispensable for survival. Soaps, Detergents, Personal and Household Care products, represent a strong emotional need. Fragrance in functional products takes care of this emotional need, stimulating as well as calming or relaxing the user.

Depending on the results we want to obtain, sensory test will be performed basically by the expert person, who is capable of carrying out (independently or in a team) a sensory evaluation and analysis of the product.

In our facilities one room equipped with individual cabins allows to the olfactory experts to make the tests and individual studios of our fragrances and exhaustive analysis of their strength and long lasting performance, offering maximum guarantees of the results. 

Final approval of the fragrance will require evaluating its traceability and its stability test.

With this new research equipment ESSENTIAL COMPOSITIONS, consolidates its commitment with the Quality and Innovation, always offering the best service to our customers.