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Essential Compositions and Chamber of Commerce from Valencia help you to start export business...


Mr. José María Martínez Gómez/ Corporative Business Manager Bankia, Levante and Valencia and Baleares.
Mr. Ricardo Jesús Borras Vazquez / SMEs Manager Bankia, Levante-Cataluña.
Mrs. Esther Catalá Martí/ International Sales Manager Essential Compositions,S.L.
Mrs. Marián Montesinos/ Foreign trade Department Cámara Valencia.
Mr. Manuel Melis García/ Export Manager DYDSA


Last 22nd of April, The Chamber of Commerce held in Valencia, has gave a talk about “HOW THEY CAN HELP TO START EXPORT BUSINESS”.
The aim was to show the importance of the internationalization of the Companies placed in the “Comunidad Valenciana” into their initiation and/or consolidation process in the foreign market.

The most relevant news were the high number of companies attended, exceeding all the related expectations.
Essential Compositions, SL was one of the Testimonies Company Invited to share its point of view and experience in the International business. Its International Sales Manager, Esther Catala, has exposed a vision of “ How important is to make a previous plan of international sales to get final success in the Internationalization process of our companies.

Our International Sales Manager, Esther Catalá, encouraged to all the present companies to understand the globalization as a indispensable and unstoppable concept in the growth of any company to be good positioned in the foreign market.