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"fragrances are an essential part of our daily life"



Essential Compositions, new name of the known Esencias Català, continues steadily in its consolidation as a manufacturer of fragrances and essences. Essential Compositions has launched, this year, a new strategy to boost the business. In addition to the mentioned change of identity, the company has modernized the facilities, has merged its brands and has opted for innovation and internationalization.

Founded in 1980 by Don Enrique Catalá Catalá, this name change also has been accompanied by a redesign of the website and a renewed brand image. "To inform our customers and partners our philosophy of excellence and quality is one of our priorities," explains from the company, Alberto Catalá de Burgos, commercial Director and Managing Director. The company thus maintains a strong bet on internationalisation, hence their participation as exhibitors at fairs, thus strengthening its growing foreign market share. It is attached to all the implementation of a new ERP system, which allows management and more effective care, as well as investments in ICT so that the client has all the support and information in real time.

In the technical field, Essential Compositions has expanded its center of Gandia (Valencia) work to incorporate new elements in the laboratory, has added more sensory analysis booths, has acquired a new team "Headspace", in order to develop new products, and it has hired new professionals for it. "One of the keys is to prioritize research and innovation to respond with a quality and cutting-edge product" says Alberto Catalá, and continues, "the research is one of the pillars of our company, perfumers as technical staff collaborate in order to create new products by following the trends of the market.

Applications of fragrances created in Essential Compositions, a high percentage of them is aimed at the chemical and cosmetic industry as you can see at continuation:


Fragrances for men.
Fragrances for women.
Fragrances for young people/teen/babies.
Unisex fragrances.


Hair Care.
Bath and skin care.
Facial cleansing.
Care of the Sun.


Cat litter.
Grooming products.
Insect repellents.
Toys and non-alcoholic perfumes.


Ambientacion of stays.
Cleaning of surfaces.
Laundry detergents and softeners.
SOAP dish.

" The strict quality control of all the raw materials and the traceability of our productions guarantee the quality of our essences", says Alberto Catalá.

Relatión with Quimacova

"the response in legislation, sessions and outreach activities, classes and presentations that performs as well as trips of exploration which establishes greater business opportunities, show that Quimacova is required; We consider that be associated allows us to have a real and reliable of the Valencian chemical sector knowledge increasing your chances of interrelation", ends Alberto Catalá.

The relationship of Essential Compositions with Quimacova began in 2009 and since their participation is continuous in the Association.